IN Racing
Trackwork Tuesday 17 August
ZEE FALLS, who looks in for a profitable spring campaign, was one of several locals to impress this morning.
August 17, 2021

Working on the all-weather track, ZEE FALLS strode nicely over 1000m in 1:9.9, increasing pace from the 600m, run in 39. The Group III winner, who was placed in a recent open trial, travelled sweetly throughout.


MUSTANG VALLEY, SPIRIT OF BAZ and DOLLARBEEL were in good form when clocked 800m in 54, sprinting the last 600m in 38.2.


MAKZABEEL was sent a 1600m solo gallop, the 1200m in 1:23.6, sprinting home in 38.8.


FLAG HUNTER and PRINCE OF TALLIN matched strides over 1000m in 1:7.4, the concluding 600m in 37.6.


SHERWOOD FOREST worked well over 1200m, the last 1000m in 1.8 and the final 600m in 37.3.

LONDON BOUND left 800m behind in 53.5.


SHALAA|ZUZAO and EL ROCA|ROYAL SHOW came in from the 600m in 37.9. GLOBAL CURRENCY, another to catch the eye, was full of running at the completion of 1200m, the last 600m in 39.4.


IRONIC, SWEET ANNA and PLATINO were together throughout 800m in 54 and 38.3. PACKING JOY ran the last 600m of 800m in 40.8.


PIERINA and SUMMER FESTIVAL left 800m behind in 55.8 home in 40.5. RUN TO PERFECTION was well held over 800m, the final 600m in 45.1.


AUBREE and ONEOUTOTHEBOX returned 42.4 for 600m. DECADENCE followed in 41.4. DUBAI DIVA and FISCAL FUN were sent 900m, the 600m in 42.6.


TUTUKAKA and ASTRADEEL ran 1200m in 1:22.2, home in 38. ALWAYS SACRED and RAPID FALLS sprinted their last 600m of 1200m in 37.8.


HABANA and AFTER PARTY came in from the 800m in 53. GWITHIAN BAY, LONHRO|OKAHU BAY returned 1:7.3 and 37.8 for 1000m. CAMINATA was timed 600m in 38. TIGHTLIGN ran the last 600m of 1000m in 40.4.


VERNANME strode comfortably over 1000m in 1.15 and 44.3. REMARKABLE RUTH and IMAREADY matched strides over 1000m, the last 600m in 40.8.


TREE OF LIFE was given an easy 1000m in 1.18 and 45.7. OH NO NO NO and CULLINAN returned 46 for 600m. EL ROSEAY was clocked from the 600m in 40.


SLEEPY JEAN ran 1000m in 1.9 and 40.6.